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I am a designer and programmer, primarily interested in interactivity, digital art, and computer-enabled experiences. If you're working on something weird, fun, thoughtful, or rebellious, I'd like to help you make that thing happen!


鈽庯笍 +33 6 18 95 96 38 (france) 馃拰 馃殌

Company Experiences

2020 -> 2022 路 Software Developer 路 52 Entertainment

Bridge games and products
Technical design and development of a new Online Bridge client in Unity
Maintenance and upgrades on other card games and Virtual Regatta Offshore
Continuous integration and deployment pipelines for internal Unity projects
Reverse-engineering and technical documentation of legacy systems and projects

2016 -> 2021 路 Teacher 路 E-Artsup

Game design and digital art school
Unity3D-based courses
Gameplay programming and introduction to programming
Applied game design & game tooling
Year-long courses & workshops, with mobile, PC/Console and VR prototypes throughout the year

2015 -> 2016 路 Programme Manager 路 Supinfogame Rubika

Game design and management school
Creation of a learning programme, recruitment of teachers, coaching and advice on academic projects

2015 -> 2016 路 Developer 路 Ys Interactive

Video game studio
Creation of a prototype for a video game adaptation of the Blacksad visual novels
Story, cutscene, investigation and dialogue systems and mechanics
Story editing and asset integration tools
Custom shader set for a watercolour effect
The game was released in November 2019 as Blacksad: Under the Skin

2014 -> 2016 路 Teacher 路 Supinfogame Rubika

Game design and management school
Gameplay programming and introduction to programming
Students ranging from 1st to 4th year
Game programming patterns, Unity3D, software architecture, Javascript
Workshop coach and jury member

2014 -> 2015 路 Developer 路 NaturalPad

Motion-based games built in collaboration with physical therapists to assist in functional rehabilitation
Web service configuration and software development
Prototypes and games intended for physical therapy and/or use in a hospital setting:
Zether, Plume, along with a dozen other prototypes
Plume is used in physical therapy sessions, a gameplay video is available on Youtube
Zether later went through reskinning and redesigns, and was also released in November 2018 on Steam for non-medical play

2012 -> 2015 路 Co-Founder / Secretary 路 Bapt锚me du Jeu

A society for uniting and celebrating small local game creators and digital artists
Organisation and management of video game events: Game Jams, Parties, Expositions
Documentation, coaching and communication for events, technology and general information in the field of video game development

Selected Projects

2020 路 VFX Developer 路 Sadhana (ARTE France & La G茅n茅rale De Production)

A narrative mobile game inspired by Indian mythology
Created fire and flare effects that are used throughout the game to indicate progression to the player, and add flourishes to the hand-animated characters and environments
Optimised elements for better performance on lower spec devices

2018 -> 2021 路 Activist SysAdmin 路 &

An attempt to put some ideas about community and internet freedom into practice
Creation and administration of a micro-scale social network and shared computing
Experiments to provide online & decentralised tools and spaces for micro-communities

2017 路 Developer 路 Paper Sail (Ex Nihilo, NFB & ARTE)

Mobile WebGL multiplayer mini-game for the Very Very Short project by ARTE
Made in collaboration with Cosmografik
The player explores a shared world in a boat, they can meet other player's boats, and interact with the magical fauna and flora of a village pond
Built a set of procedural generators, for the world and fauna animations
Built a drop-in, drop-out "massively" multiplayer system

2016 -> 2017 路 Developer 路 Zero Impunity (a_BAHN)

Virtual street march connected to a set of petitions
Each signature on the petitions becomes represented by a marcher who joins an ever-growing crowd
Built an API wrapper to enable secure and quick access to data
Built a Unity WebGL app that displays the results of the petitions as a large crowd of petitioners, each with a semi-random appearance and available to be interacted with to display the message the corresponding petitioner posted to

2014 路 Developer 路 A茂ko Virtual Visit (A茂ko Creative)

A virtual reality guided tour powered by the Oculus Rift DK1
Created a VR navigation system and tools to aid in importing and optimising architectural models for realtime VR

2014 路 Developer 路 AXA Blocks (Assurances AXA)

Large screen sliding block puzzle game for trade shows and other promotional events
Ported game code the company had purchased to work on the large touch screen technology they intended to use, and created tools for the art team to integrate new assets