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Burden TTRPG

Burden is a short-ish form tabletop roleplaying game about a world at the end of time and a fateful journey to a monument.

The end, the monument, and the party

The end

The world is getting near to ending. Not today, perhaps not for a few more years, and it's not ending all at once. But it is ending. Reality itself is fraying at the edges, other dying worlds intersect with ours. Time has been stretched thin and long, there's almost nothing left to hold everything together any more.
This end is not catastrophic or sudden. There is no cataclysmic event. No evil plot. No consequences of our hubris. Simply the natural unravelling of time, space, energy, and matter.

This fact is not shocking nor distressing to those who are witnessing it. This has all been known for lifetimes. After all, if there was a beginning, then there must be an end.

The monument

You are headed to a monument where you will leave something of importance.
Perhaps the gods have instructed you to bring the souls of the fallen so they can pass to a promised afterlife.
Maybe you've been entrusted with texts containing hard-earned knowledge, and you hope that the monument might keep them safe.
You might be carrying the ashes of a long-lost lover, the monument itself is an arbitrary choice, all you want is to honour their memory.
Whatever it is, that thing is your Burden, and you have set out on an arduous journey through salted deserts, splintered mountains and poisoned forests to carry it to the monument.

The party

In hopes of improving your chances, through obligation, or maybe just for companionship, you will be travelling as a group. A party of travellers who, like you, intend to visit the monument.

While you have a shared destination, your cultures, personalities, and morals may clash. How will you navigate these relationships, and build enough trust and fellowship to take on the challenges you'll face together?

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