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My playthrough of "Poste-Monstre-Trésor", a roleplaying game designed by Simon Bachelier and Diane Landais for Wish You Were Here: A Postcard Jam
May 1st, 2021

Racing at Imola

Imola Circuit, also known as Autodromo Internazionale Enzo e Dino Ferrari, is a historically significant race course in Italy. An old school circuit, dear to the heart of Formula One fans, absent from the calendar since 2006, until a triumphant return in 2020.
It's back again this year, and it's going to be worth the watch!
April 11th, 2021

Formula One Primer

Want to watch Formula One and don't know what it's about? Want to know who the drivers and teams are?
Basically, if you want to have quick idea of what the heck is going on, here's a quick run down.
March 29th, 2021

What is Mastodon?

You've probably already read a one-liner like "Mastodon is a federated social network", and most of it makes sense, except that one word "federated" that seems both needlessly pompous and confusingly opaque.
Most of the misunderstandings and confusion comes down to what federation means, why it's desirable, and what it offers to users of a service like Mastodon.
November 8th, 2019

The Wrong Tool

Gang's bored™️, we're sitting in a standing fleet that hasn't seen any action in a while, and besides, there aren't that many industrialists online, so we're not really defending much, so someone volunteers as a fleet commander. We figure we might run into some good fights if we punch out into the weird no-man's land left after last month's war.
October 17th, 2019

Build Process

This website is built with Superstructure. It's a static website generator that I made by re-writing the previous system for this website.
October 17th, 2019


A while ago, I learnt about an interesting way to picture the Mandelbrot fractal. The traditional way is to colour each point of the plane depending on whether or not the number associated with that point escapes, and how many steps it takes to escape.
This method instead looks at what path the steps take to escape, producing a sort of heat map of what paths are the most common.
October 17th, 2019

Thanet Storm Damage

The British side of my family is mostly based in Thanet, and I picked up this photobook when visiting as a child.
I stumbled on it while going through some of my old stuff the other day, and I figured other people might be interested.
October 17th, 2019

AE Modular

This article will serve more as a review than anything else.
At the time of writing, I've been the owner of a Tangible Waves AE Modular Starter Rack 2 for just over six months, and I'm bored of making excuses for it.
It's mostly unusable, it's not at all fun to use, it doesn't sound very nice, and it's falling apart.
October 17th, 2019


The "ortholinear" grid layout is argued to be more comfortable to type on. The horizontal staggering of conventional keyboards supposedly cause micro-movements that can create discomfort.
I chose 62g, 65g, and 67g weights for the Zealios switches, the innermost keys use the heavier 67g switches and the lighter 62g ones are for the outermost columns. This allows for a lighter keystroke under my pinky finger and heavier under my index, evening out the perceived weight.
October 17th, 2019

Olegtron 4060 MK2

The Olegtron 4060 MK2 is a handheld signal generator based around the CD4060 CMOS chip, and it's weird as fuck.
October 17th, 2019


Burden is a short-ish form roleplaying game about a world at the end of time and a fateful journey to a monument.
January 1st, 1970

Playing Burden

Like other conventional tabletop roleplaying games, a group of four to six people play together.
December 31st, 1969

Burden: Design and Writing Guide

Where other games' campaigns may slowly reveal their overarching plot and let things develop over time, Burden alway has its end in sight, known by all the players before they even begin to create their characters.
December 31st, 1969

The Adept

No preview
December 31st, 1969

The Blessed Soul

No preview
December 31st, 1969

The Paragon

No preview
December 31st, 1969

The Pathfinder

Their wounds are caulked with salt. A blindfold protects their eyes against the toxic spores hanging in the air. They step, making no sound except for the short, calculated puffs of their filtered breathing technique.
The Pathfinder survives. Their body is but a vessel for their soul, their mind is simply the device they must control to keep moving on. To others they seem to be acting on instinct, but pathfinding is anything but; only a complete mastery of flesh and spirit can ensure the survival of the soul.
Pathfinding is the art of staying alive and in complete control of one's body and mind. Pain and fear are the tools of the lost. When travelling the shifting lands, lost is as good as dead...
December 31st, 1969

The Splitter

The air crackles around them, charged particles springing into existence and collapsing. Gravel and sand shift around as if whipped up by thousands of little storms. The smell of petrichor follows them wherever they go.
The Splitter takes advantage of the rifts that have been forming throughout the world. Splitting is a constantly changing art, the nature of the distortions change too quickly now for any meaningful knowledge to have value. Instead, splitting is a skill, an intuitive feel for the eddies and currents of spacetime itself.
Splitting is terrifyingly dangerous. When twisting the fundamental forces, unpredictable phenomena can occur, and random changes to the nature of matter, energy and time tend to produce catastrophic results.
December 31st, 1969