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Hello, my name is Gaeel Bradshaw‑Rodriguez
I am a designer and programmer, particularly interested in videogames, interactivity, and technology
If you're working on something weird, fun, thoughtful, or rebellious, please get in touch. I'd like to help you make that thing happen!


Projects I've worked on or am a part of logo is a project/collective that aims to develop art, events, media and stuff, all tangential to video games. more


L'indécadence was an indie games & art party taking place during IndieCade Europe in Paris. Nine games and four musicians were on the lineup. We featured colourful and unconventional projects from around the world. Relive the event through Anna-Céléstine's photo gallery on Facebook. more


".lazr." text on a dark CRT screen .lazr. is a local multiplayer arena shooter with deliciously glitchy visuals. Up to four players using standard XBox controllers face off in a number of game modes. This was made in part as a homage to Warsow "insta-gib" deathmatch games, with one-hit kills, weapon-based movement, and easy to learn, hard to master mechanics. play


Sarcophagus is an installation where the user lays down and is strapped to a moveable plank. We then insert the user's head into a box where they are bombarded with flashing images and loud music. I lead the project and contributed the music, which was made by writing C code that manipulated bytes and pushed the data straight to the sound card. You can hear what that sounds like on my SoundCloud. More on co-conspirator Célia Betourne's Behance gallery

Prepare to Meet Thy God

The title and the original idea were inspired by this photo, titled "The Long Walk" Prepare to Meet Thy God is an installation where the user is equipped with protective gear and an explosive ordinance disposal kit, and sent, alone, into a room where they'll have to find and defuse a bomb. The screen of the bomb includes clues as to the process to defuse it, but also threatening and disturbing messages. A camera films the user and the bomb, recording their every movement, but for the user, they're terribly alone, with only the weight of responsibility. more

The Paper Sail

A paper boat on a screen A collaboration with Cosmografik, The Paper Sail is a meditative experience where the user places a small paper sail on their touch-capable device (phone, tablet, Cintiq, etc…), and then explores a quiet archipelago. They'll meet insects, fish, and occasionally, another traveller. play

The Future

Projects and ideas I'm working on or looking to start

Mind Thief

The Sentinel, emerging inside a hall of colums A virtual reality experience inspired by the Raymarching Toolkit by Kevin Watters and Fernando Ramallo. Raymarching allows for dynamic shapes that move and twist in uncanny ways, and when I started building a simple scene. more

Noisy Boys

I've gotten into modular synthesis recently, and I'd like to build modules and parts, based on weird ideas I have for sound generation, or a fascination with maths. more

Drone Day

Drone Day is a worldwide event organised by @weirdcanada As a fan of strange but accessible art, I'm organising a Drone Day gathering in Lille, France. Please drop by to say hello and make some sounds. more

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