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Veil Runners — Player's Guide

This document is intended for the players in a Veil Runners adventure, and assumes that you are a player.
If you're the wayfinder, you might want to print this page out to hand to your players.

The Veil, your ship, and you

You are a "Veil Runner". One a select few who venture into the dangerous skies deep in the Veil.
Your ship is your home, your workplace, your means of transportation, an extension of yourself.

You share this ship with your crew mates. You and your mates are parts of your ship; not unlike the machines, reactors, and computers that power it.
A specialised vessel, worthy of the prestigious "Veilship" designation. Small and agile. Kitted out with powerful sensors and thrusters. Hardened against the volatile hazards of The Veil.

The Veil is an unstable region of space that has torn through the Orion arm of the galaxy. During your adventures, you will explore this anomalous space, you will encounter inexplicable phenomena. You might learn a little about the nature of the Veil, or at the very least, about yourself.

Creating the ship and crew

Your wayfinder will guide you through this process at the start of your first session.

Creating the ship

You and your fellow players should discuss, and work together to create a ship that fits the expectations and wishes of everyone in the group.

  1. Determine the ship's role
    • This will play a big part in setting the tone of your adventure.
    • Typical roles include:
      • Science Expedition / Artifact Retrieval
      • Search & Rescue / Deep Veil Navigation
      • Supply Runner / Smuggling.
  2. Retrace the ship's history
    • When and why was it built? How has it changed over the years?
    • Are you its first crew? Has it changed ownership?
  3. Design the ship
    • Pick four modules, special functions that make your ship unique and best suited to its role.
    • The wayfinder can help you pick modules that are appropriate and will decide how they behave in game (passive, active, special).
  4. Pick a name for your ship
    • The ship's name is:
      • a reflection of your intent during your travels
      • the cry that you and your mates rally behind
      • your reputation, however far across the galaxy that will reach

Creating your character

This part is a little more personal, you are responsible for your own character and get to decide alone how to write them.
Keep in mind that your character is a part of the ship and the crew. Pay attention to what characters your friends are writing. Ask yourself how your character will fit in with the others, and how they might feel about each other.

  1. Retrace your character's history
    • How did they end up aboard this ship?
    • Who were they before they boarded?
    • What is keeping them aboard now?
    • Where are they from?
    • Are they biological, artificial, neither?
  2. Pick a skill
    • A skill is something your character is good at.
    • It can be a situation or domain they excel in.
    • It needs to be somewhat specific, for instance "Computers" is too vague, but "Debugging" would be good.