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My playthrough of "Poste-Monstre-Trésor", a roleplaying game designed by Simon Bachelier and Diane Landais for Wish You Were Here: A Postcard Jam

Fuck Deepsleep

Good morning, esteemed employee We trust you enjoyed Deepsleep™ Your personalised WAKE-ME-UP™ package: Caffeine: 80 mg Methylphenidate: 60 mg Phenylpiracetam: 100 mg ——— "The jitters mean it's working time!"

Fuck Deepsleep...
Feels like someone is taking a sledgehammer right to the base of my skull, every time.

Okay, let's get ourselves docked up and signed out. There's a hot shower and some real coffee waiting for me hubside.

Julius, give me the sit-rep.
How are we doing on decel?

Situation report: Collision detected Loading bay: DAMAGED Cargo: MISSING Orbit: SHRINKING Trajectory: Descending into Gas Giant X319-T ——— WARNING: HOSTILE LIFEFORM DETECTED WARNING: CARGO DETECTED WARNING: MISSION SUCCESS NOT GUARANTEED

Wait... Why are we anywhere near a planet?
Collision with what? We're on a veil run!

Er... Hostile... life form?

Julius, are we getting jacked?
How did a pirate ambush not show up on scan?

No other ships on scan The lifeform is non-human

Julius, can I... Use the gun, please?

Weapons request: PENDING

Great... Keep me posted...
Love the interaction between adrenalin and WAKE-ME-UP, by the way. Guess it's working time...

Your feedback has been noted!

The crevice

Julius must be confused, probably scanned some of the food supplies as biotics. I hope.
He's definitely not confused about the gas giant though. We're dropping... Fast...

Julius, can we stabilise our orbit? We're in some heavy atmosphere, I don't think that's doing our engines any good, right?

Engine status: Main: Unfueled (c.f: Cargo status) Aux: Vibrations detected RCS: Online Atmosphere: Heavy winds, choppy, gusting to ~300 m/s Sulphuric acid gas Neutral PH, low wind area detected: Retrograde, 6km ΔV for intercept: 3065 m/s ——— < Approve / Reject ? >

Oh for fuck's sake... Guess we need to scoop the cargo anyway...

Okay, let me strap up, and drop us in...

I hate atmospherics, this is exactly why I signed up for veil runs... Can I apply for an advanced navigation bonus at least?
Ugh, the Piracetam's kicking in... Let's try to keep the stomach under control, too.

The whole ship is groaning. It was built for this kind of op, but corporate doesn't exactly take care of this fleet. How long has it been since the last chassis checkup?

Actually, best not think about that right now...

Orbit stabilised. WARNING: AUX ENGINE TEMP: 873 C Atmosphere: Light wind, matched prograde velocity Nitrogen/Sulphuric acid/Argon mix ——— < Continue retrograde burn ? > < Stabilise systems ? >

Let's chill here for a bit.
Pump some coolant into the engines and keep us in this calm spot, yeah?

Okay, this isn't too bad... Aux engines seem to be working fine, despite the vibrations and overheating.
If I can scoop up the cargo, we can relight the main engine and get us out of this atmosphere, I guess.
But first, I want to keep those temps under control.

Julius, I'm going to take a moment to run some check-ups, let me know when aux is back under... say... two hundred degrees?

Of course we're off course


The fuck you mean, distance critical?
Julius! Why didn't you tell me we were drifting! We need that cargo to get out of this piece of shit atmosphere!
Get us back on course, now!

ADVISORY: Swearing on official channels ADVISORY: HR has been notified ——— Rendez-vous with CARGO: Prograde, 45km ΔV for intercept: 8216 m/s ——— < Approve / Reject ? >

Approve! Approve!

I can't believe this, Julius is supposed to be the big brain here. I never said "only notify me about this one thing", how the hell am I expected to work like this?

Eight thousand delta-v? This better work, the auxiliary engines are going to be toast. And I'm going to be sitting out here for weeks without Deepsleep if I can't relight the main thruster.

I HATE the sound of the hull creaking under thrust.

Hostile lifeform

WARNING: HOSTILE LIFEFORM APPROACHING Closing in: Encounter in < 3 minutes

Wait, it's moving? Did I pick up a stowaway on our last stop?
I'm going to have to fight this asshole, aren't I?

Julius, gun please?

Weapons request: APPROVED ——— Combat readiness profile: Target is 121km starboard Class: Non-biotic Mass: 345 Kt Closing: 1022 m/s Small arms efficacy: Negligible

Julius... I don't understand...
Is it... Another ship?
What am I fighting here?

Congratulations, esteemed employee! You have made first contact! Claim your bonus when you sign out! ——— WARNING: MISSION SUCCESS IMPOSSIBLE ——— Thank you for your loyal services to Spacefarer Inc.

 Game log
  • Diving into the depths ➡ 8
  • Drop towards the crevice (retrograde burn) ➡ 6
  • Follow along the crevice (stabilise systems) ➡ 3
  • Travelled off course, ATHLETICS failed ➡ 4
  • Encountered the beast ➡ 18
  • The depths were unkind to you

Posted: May 1st, 2021

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