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The Paragon

As their foot touches the ground, the silence is almost deafening. Their muscles twitch into motion fractions of a second before contact, their toes recoil in anticipation, their knee flexes with absurd precision. Carrying a load that would bring others to their knees, the Paragon seems unaffected, running uphill with disconcerting ease.

The Paragon is strength and power, grace and agility, energy and endurance. Whether through arduous training, a fluke of genetics, a marvel of medicine, or something else, their body operates at the limit of what is thought possible.
A finely tuned machine, the raw power of eons of biological progress, the Paragon knows exactly what their body is capable of. Mountains become small, obstacles become brittle, distances shink.

The Paragon is fast, strong, quiet, and robust, undeniable assets when travelling the shifting lands.
A sound Paragon maintains their body in perfect condition, after all, the body is the only link between their soul and the world.