spaceships in space

The Splitter

The air crackles around them, charged particles springing into existence and collapsing. Gravel and sand shift around as if whipped up by thousands of little storms. The smell of petrichor follows them wherever they go.

The Splitter takes advantage of the rifts that have been forming throughout the world. Splitting is a constantly changing art, the nature of the distortions change too quickly now for learnt knowledge to have value. Instead, splitting is a skill, an intuitive feel for the eddies and currents of spacetime itself.
Splitting is terrifyingly dangerous. When twisting the fundamental forces, unpredictable phenomena can occur, and random changes to the nature of matter, energy and time tend to produce catastrophic results.

The Splitter wields immense power, but their control over it is limited. A wise Splitter will reserve the use of their skills for otherwise desperate situations.