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Thanet Storm Damage

The British side of my family is mostly based in Thanet, and I picked up this photobook when visiting as a child.
I stumbled on it while going through some of my old stuff the other day, and I figured other people might be interested.

This photobook documents the extent of the damage due to a storm in 1978, damaging infrastructure and property in the towns of Margate, Ramsgate and Broadstairs.

You can click on the images to see higher resolution scans.

Front Cover
Thanet Storm Damage
Wednesday, 11th January, 1978 - A Pictoral Record

Page One
The Clockhouse on the stone pier at Margate disappears beneath a wall of spray at high tide.

Page Two
Buckled iron superstructure of Margate's storm-battered pier sags into the foaming waters.

Page Three
A far cry from the summer crowds that throng the main sands at Margate as the remains of the jetty are left high and dry.

Page Four

Page Five
Giant waves swept over Margate Harbour at the height of the storm.

Page Six
Four hundred and fifty deck-chairs were smashed to matchwood and the flotsam indicates the top of the submerged Lido pool.

Page Seven

Page Eight
Devastation at Ramsgate Harbour where the huge concrete blocks were tossed aside like toy bricks.

Page Nine
This was the scene at Broadstairs jetty where there was a heavy damage toll to boats of all sizes

Page Ten
It wasn't only on the seafronts that the gales took their toll. This mini car was parked in an alleyway between the Tea Caddy and Morley's coffee lounge in Broadstairs Highstreet when part of the chimney masonry tumbled down on its roof.

Page Eleven
Part of Gladstone-road, Broadstairs, was closed all day when this giant evergreen smashed down across the busy link road between the town centre and Ramsgate.

Page Twelve
the wrecked cafe at Joss Bay, Broadstairs.

Page Thirteen
Catamarans and yachts were lifted like toys from their moorings and flung onto the bank at Sandwich Marina.

Page Fourteen
The River Stour overflowed its banks and turned the marshland at Richborough alongside Thanet's pulveriser plant into a vast lake.

Back Cover
Reprinted from the East Kent Times


  • John Wilson
  • Brian Green

Thanet Printing Works, Church Hill, Ramsgate.

Updated August 26th, 2020